Internship and Candidate Engineer Opportunities

We offer internships and candidate engineering opportunities to our young people interested in the field of Power Electronics. In this way, we provide our trainees with the opportunity to gain valuable experience in business life, which is the field of application of the education in academic life. In this process, it is aimed for our trainee and candidate engineers to see the daily operation of our company, to have general information about our projects and to increase their technical capacity thanks to the technical works given by their mentors. With the training we offer, our trainee and candidate engineers are ready for full-time employment.

In this context, we are waiting for the applications of our candidates who think that they comply with the following qualifications.

  • He is studying in the departments of Electrical Electronics, Electronics and Communication, Electricity, Control, Machinery and Mechatronics.
  • Academically successful
  • 3rd or 4th grade (candidate engineer application is only for those who pass the 4th year)
  • Compulsory internship (for internship applications only)