Slip Rings

Multi Purpose Slip Ring

It is designed to provide a solution for the electro-optical systems demanding high frequency video and communication channels.
This is a new generation slip ring that meets almost all requirements of state of the art military and professional electro-optical systems with the ability of carrying high frequency digital video signals like HD-SDI, as well as high frequency serial communication signals like Gbit ethernet. It also have general purpose analog, digital and power channels for analog video, RS422, 10/100Mbit ethernet, power and other discrete signals.


General Purpose 26/36 Channel Pancake Slip Rings

It is mainly designed for Pan & Tilt devices since it provides the mechanical interface to the mounting platforms (like tripod) at bottom of the slip ring and the mechanical interface for P & T device on top of the slip ring.
All 26 and 36 (optional) channels can be used either for power lines up to 2 Amperes, analog video signals, serial communication signals like RS422, RS232, 10Mbit ethernet or discrete signals for control electronics.

High Frequency Single Channel Slip Ring

It is used for transmitting high frequency analog or digital signals up to 6 GHz, like radio receiver/transmitter, HD-SDI, 3G-SDI signals. 
This single-channel high frequency slip ring can be used as a stand-alone unit or as a core unit in a hollow shaft slip ring.