Power Supplies

MEGART Technology produces AC / DC and DC / DC types of power supplies with different input-output voltage and output power. In our designs, we take into account the priority requirements such as reliability, quality, high efficiency and low volume, and we perform all tests for our products to work under harsh conditions.

Our main products in this category are;

  • Military grade power supplies (AC / DC and DC / DC)
  • Military grade battery chargers
  • Various AC / DC and DC / DC power converter electronic boards

Power Distribution Units

MEGART Technology designs power distribution units specifically for customer needs. Our company has a wide range of products with AC or DC inputs and we produce reliable products that are suitable for demanding electrical and environmental conditions according to project requirements.

Our main products in this category are;

  • DC input project specific power distribution units
  • DC input power switching cards
  • 19 inch power distribution units with AC input

Pan Tilt Systems

They are mobile platforms that are used to precisely and accurately direct vision devices, laser devices, security cameras, optical test and measurement devices, radars, target coordinate detection systems and similar devices and systems that need to be guided remotely in the horizontal and vertical axis in the desired direction. The wide input voltage of our products makes it possible to operate with a single battery or double batteries, and therefore, it is possible to benefit from the vehicle battery in emergency situations.

Our main products in this category are;


  • Balanced two axis motion controlled platform
  • Mini two axis motion controlled platform

Slip Rings

Slip rings are electromechanical devices that allow the transfer of power and electrical signals from a fixed structure to a rotating structure. Slip rings can be used in systems that require the movement of the payload relative to the main platform. With these features, it can increase mechanical performance, simplify system operation and eliminate damage-prone wires hanging from moving connections. Our company has designed different types of slip rings according to different project needs.

Our main products in this category are;

  • Multipurpose sliding ball bearing
  • General purpose slip ring
  • High frequency single channel slip ring

Test Systems

We design test sets for target products in system, unit and card type for prototype verification or mass production tests. We offer our customers the most effective solution for the target product with our experienced team in the field of testing. We control our test platforms, which are specific to system or hardware tests, through the test control and reporting software we have developed, and we pay utmost attention to ensure that our test sets are reliable. (In general, our test sets are designed specifically for the project.)

Some of our special products for the project in this category;

  • System test equipments
  • Test stations
  • Test jigs