Electronics Design


Embedded System Design

There are many important points to carry out the embedded system development studies effectively. Steps such as determining the architectural structure depending on the requirements, choosing a microprocessor by considering the alternatives and previous applications and developing software are followed. In the microprocessor selection process, researches are made for the most ideal processor that meets the needs. For the development of embedded software, our sub-modules are defined, flow charts are created, tests are made on a modular basis and the integration process is started.

  • Our priorities for embedded software are as follows.
    • Embedded software should be written in accordance with the standards.
    • The embedded software must comply with system requirements and restrictions.
    • The embedded software should be free from errors.
    • Embedded software must be reliable.
    • The embedded software should be able to work in real time depending on the requirements.
    • The embedded software should use the lowest level of program memory.
    • The embedded software should not run slower than the system requires.
    • It should be easy to access embedded software and should be highly readable.