Mechanical Design


Structural Design

With our mechanical design capability, all kinds of mechanical parts are designed as a three-dimensional solid model in accordance with the machine requirements and design definitions, followed by necessary analyzes (CFD, Thermal Analysis, Static) and finally converted into production drawings.

With the completion of the design process, prototypes are produced in accordance with the design documents created. Detailed production documents are prepared as well as the suitability of the design made during these productions for production.

The conformity of the System / Units whose test and verification prototype has been produced is verified. Among these verification activities, tests carried out within our company can also be included in this scope, as well as tests performed in domestic and international laboratories.

Verification activities are carried out and reported in accordance with the test and verification documents, including how each requirement should be verified.

With its documentation capability, the following documents are meticulously prepared and delivered to the customer in accordance with the project delivery items and configurations.

• Requirement Definition Document
• Design and Test Definition Documents
• Manufacturing Documents
• Validation and Qualification Instructions
• Acceptance and Inspection Instructions