Mechanical Design

We develop systems or components within manufacturable limits to meet the desired needs with our mechanical design activities. We shape our designs in the light of the support of the CAD software we use, the tolerance and geometric dimensioning knowledge we have, and the production and quality standards depending on the industrial / military products.

We make thermal (heating / cooling) design with CFD software with our trained personnel, with the support of our expert consultants, so that power electronics based products can operate safely under the working conditions determined by military standards.

Structural Design

We make structural designs of mechanical components with our experienced mechanical engineers in the fields of Power Electronics, Motion Systems and Test Systems. We continuously improve our mechanical design capabilities with new hardware and development environment investments, and we constantly work for the most optimum solution by following up-to-date technological developments.

Thermal Design

Megart Technology, especially the thermal (heating / cooling) design required for power electronics thermal equipment to operate safely under the specified operating conditions, is made with its staff trained with CFD software and expert consultants.